Somatic Psychotherapy Today offers a collection of articles and insights written to explore the relational realities in body oriented psychotherapy practices. The editor culls cutting edge theories and modalities in the somatic sciences to share with a worldwide audience while also providing a forum for sharing news and advances in clinical practice, research, resources, and policy. Information about professional activities and opportunities in the field of body oriented psychotherapies are offered as well.

SPT was founded on the belief of the power of personal presence in a community of acceptance. What we do individually has a collective impact on our world – its health and wellbeing – and on all living entities that dwell here. Voicing our truth is paramount and finding the right venue to speak is just as critical. SPT offers writers and readers the space to connect, to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions about what matters in the work we do to further our field of study and practice.

While this publication cannot capture everything related to the immense field of psychotherapy and body oriented practices, we strive to provide a venue for our readers (be it therapists, students, researchers, folks in waiting rooms) to experience different perspectives in a light and lively manner we call educational entertainment.

SPT is an independent international publication that is validated by professional organizations and associations representing various modalities in the fields of body psychotherapy, somatic psychology, and prenatal and perinatal psychology.


Founding Editor, Nancy Eichhorn, PhD

I am a writer, an editor, and a teacher. Writing has always been my way to be me, to voice my experiences, my perspectives, my dreams and desires. Sitting with a blank white page, simply sensing the expanse draws forth creativity, feeds my need to play as possibilities spontaneously arise. One of my greatest joys comes by helping others discover their voice on the page and to know in their entire being that they have something of value to say and the right to be heard. As the Founding Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Somatic Psychotherapy Today, I am blessed to write with our contributors and share in their self-discoveries as they express themselves, personally and professionally. Aside teaching writing and editing clients’ work, my personal writing resume includes over 5,000 newspaper and magazine articles, and chapters in professional anthologies, including, When Hurt Remains: Relational Perspectives on Therapeutic Failure, About Relational Body Psychotherapy, and The Body in Relationship; Self-Other-Society.

Beyond my professional aspirations, I am also blessed to have time with my elderly parents, ages 89 and 90. Yes, it can be challenging living with Alzheimer’s, cancer, macular degeneration, and hearing loss (without hearing aids). And, yet, we do our best to live in the moment, to pause and reflect, to not get hooked by outdated family patterns and internalized childhood wounds. Patience, compassion, respect and accepting what we have come to call the new normal allows us to share our lives with love. And when I need a timeout, I head outdoors. I’m an avid hiker, cyclist, kayaker/paddle boarder, backpacker—okay I’m a nature nut. Like a blank page, nature’s innocence offers me solace and the space for inner expression in a physically outward way. ?  Please click here for my full bio information.

Managing Partner, Linda Heck

I am an entrepreneur. My professional story includes creating and maintaining marketing and advertising campaigns for companies and individuals via all available and applicable forms of media. I design, build, and oversee day-to-day operations for corporations as well as private business owners including website design and development, branding, logo design, accounting, employee supervision, client contact, and coordinating and executing events. I thrive in fast going chaos—so much so I even manage properties in Texas, Arkansas and Missouri.

Along with my professional endeavors, I spend time with my three incredible grandchildren and my loving husband, Ray, a deputy in Jackson County. I love to read, truly, I love to read. I am the president of West Central MO Police Wives and passionate about serving and helping our first responders, especially our police departments for their bravery and commitment to keep us safe. And while I’m a lover of summer and the sea that brings peace to my soul and sunshine on my face—I am enjoying our first snowfall in Missouri on my 48 acres, though I do wish I had a house that is currently on construction hold. 🙂  Please click here for my full bio information.

Past Issues Cover Design, Diana Houghton-Whiting, MA