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Somatic Psychotherapy Today is currently seeking contributors to write articles and become part of our monthly blog team.  These posts are for people who love learning about somatic practices influencing our field today.

Writing for SPT online means:

1.  Optimized in the search engines means your article can be found through keywords!

2.  Includes links in each post back to your website contained in your bio.

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Publishing with SPT Magazine is free. We even offer editorial assistance for free.  All articles submitted must be approved and must be unique content specific for SPT magazine.

Writing for SPT Magazine will result in new connections and new experiences for you and our readers!!

We promise our readers that SPT Magazine offers quality content that is interesting to read, fact-checked, and formatted per APA citation rules, along with our engaging and user-friendly layout.

We invite you to join our team of contributors today and be part of our worldwide expansion.


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