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MARY JANE A. PAIVA is a clinical psychologist, body psychotherapist and Reichian Analyst trained by Genovino Ferri and Federico Navarro, who have been practicing this model for over 40 years. After graduating as a clinical psychotherapist, Mary Jane became specialized in psychoanalysis and body psychotherapy.

Mary Jane was invited to be the Psychopedagogy director and professor of SOVESP – Society of Orgonomy and Vegetotherapy of S.Paulo- Brazil where she worked for over 20 years. Her experience goes far beyond, and she has been invited to participate in lectures all over the world. Mary Jane has also been writing articles for magazines in Brazil and in 1995 founded, with three other psychologists, the institution IBARBrazilian Institute of Reichian Analysis,

•Post- graduate studies in Group Psychotherapy with Xavier
Serrano, Spain. (1997-2000)

•Post-graduate studies in body psychotherapy and professor in
Sedes- Institute Sedes Sapientae, S. Paulo, Brazil (1982-1992)

•Specialization in Healing Energy and Self Development in Brazil
with I. Pristed and Denmark with Bob Moore (1992-1996)

•Professor of Senac University -lato -senso- the Educator of
Health and Prevention of Infantile Neurosis-Brazil (2002-2005)