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Emma Palmer


Emma Palmer is an embodied-relational therapist, Wild therapist, supervisor, facilitator, and writer, living and working in Bristol, England. She’s been a practicing Buddhist since her early 20s and loves seeing how age-old teachings and practices are relevant to contemporary life. She works at the interface of body psychotherapy, ecopsychology and ecodharma, drawing upon her experiences of being a development worker in sub-Saharan Africa, a lecturer in International Development at the University of Bristol, her current meditation practice and being a child lost and found in nature. She has published three books: Bodywise: Weaving Somatic Psychotherapy, Ecodharma and the Buddha in Everyday Life with all profits donated to SPT; Meditating with Character (post-Reichian character structure applied to meditation); and Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind.