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Jacquie’s Pick of the Month


Dr. Jacqueline Carleton has guided interns in the art of literature review and academic critique for decades, and SPT Magazine has thankfully shared their reviews with our readers since our inception 8 years ago. It’s a pleasure to write with up-and-coming psychologists and researchers, to share in their discoveries and their opinions regarding books that are ‘hot-off-the-press’, the ones we prefer to publish. Older books, however, those published two years ago or more, have not been shared with the thought that they’ve been reviewed by many others that it was redundant news. Until now.

Dr. Carleton quite wisely noted that not all “old books” should be cast aside. Many have merit and are worth reading and many readers may not have heard about them. She listed a few titles that, yes, I had not heard of.

With this reality in mind, SPT Magazine is pleased to have Dr. Carleton and her interns review books that they deem worthy, regardless of the publication date. We welcome you to Carleton’s Choice.