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Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD


Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD, began her private psychotherapy practice in the 70’s and has been teaching and training psychotherapists since the 80’s. She has never stopped learning, consistently adding to her skill base and deepening her own experience of growth and integration. Her goals are to help people to be all of who they can be and, of course, to relieve suffering.

In her own words: “I work within the framework of the patient, utilizing interventions congruent with their belief system and worldview. This ‘intuition’ is informed by continuous reading, study and thought, always with my patients in mind.”

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed and benefited from the challenge of teaching psychodynamics to body psychotherapists and body psychotherapy to psychoanalysts and to psychodynamic psychotherapists. I have also benefited from attending workshops and trainings, from consultations and peer supervision, from reading and studying on my own, and from my own personal experience of various forms of psychotherapy.

I hold three academic degrees in different fields. Before becoming a therapist, I worked as a dancer, a potter and a college teacher. I have always enjoyed bridging professional fields.