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Beth L. Haessig, Psy. D


Beth Haessig, Psy. D., licensed psychologist, certified somatic psychotherapist, and IAYT-certified yoga therapist, is the former President of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy.  As president, Dr. Haessig provided training and leadership in the field of somatic psychology, hosting professional events, conferences, and trainings.  After graduating from Rutgers Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology (GSAPP), she studied 4 more years to become a certified somatic psychotherapist (Core Energetics) plus a 5th year post graduate year, and a 6th year with Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics in Mexico.  She is a Kripalu-certified yoga teacher as well as a yoga therapist certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Dr. Haessig began her career as a school psychologist in 1990 working primarily with children and families, before moving into alternative technologies and integrative body-based modalities for the past fifteen years.  Her work expanded to include veterans and other trauma survivors, as her specialization in PTSD, trauma, anxiety, and other body-based challenges (eating, conversion, psychosomatic, psychogenic movement, encopresis, etc.) are highly responsive to body-based, mindfulness/awareness-based, cognitive-behavioral interventions.