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Repairing Family Trauma: A Blueprint for Developing Healthy Relationships


March 11, 2017
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Los Angeles, CA

In spite of the best intentions, parents tend to repeat the same injuries with their children that they themselves experienced in childhood. When conflicts arise, they are usually tender spots from childhood that resurface. These baffling interactions may happen over and over because their underlying themes are elusive. This workshop is reparative–we will address healing current emotional wounds within and between family members, supporting parents to raise children who have a better foundation for emotional health than they may have received. This experience offers an opportunity to deepen human engagement. By looking at family legacies, the wounds and protective behavior each parent experienced growing up, participants learn how to avoid the unconscious compulsion to repeat family relationship patterns.

This workshop will offer tools to:

Identify our historical patterns
Regain emotional regulation
Restore the felt-sense of well being
Appropriately attune to the needs of others
Apply the process clinically to cases with individuals and couples
Integrate the model into our unique practice environment

Participants will explore:

How we organize our meaning system
Dynamics of emotional development
Bonding dynamics
Mirroring experiences
Differentiation within the family system
Participants’ experience in conceptual and theoretical terms
The developmental and relational theories that inform the model
Ideas about self and interactive regulation
Implicit and explicit modes of communication informed by complexity and inter-subjective systems theory


About the Presenter

Eileen Paris, Ph.D., Psy.D., is a training and supervising analyst and member of the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles. Dr. Paris has been working with children and families for 47 years. She began her career as a pre-school teacher, became a somatic therapist, then a psychoanalyst and infant mental health specialist.
She served on the faculty of the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center, as adjunct faculty at the 2001-2002 Infant Mental Health Specialist Training Program at Cedars/Sinai in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, and the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis Los Angeles.

Dr. Paris developed a psychoanalytically informed model of parent education called The Parenting Process and co-authored, I’LL NEVER DO TO MY KIDS WHAT MY PARENTS DID TO ME! A Guide to Conscious Parenting, (Warner Books, 1994). Her paper Interrupting Trauma and Advancing Development: Considering Parent Education in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Treatment was published in the 2013 Clinical Social Work Journal. Dr. Paris is in private practice in Marina del Rey, California and offers workshops and trainings to parents and professionals that address developmental trauma in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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