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So you don’t do Facebook?


As many of you may know, SPT Magazine will no longer send emails to our subscribers—simply put, not enough people opened our notes to make it fiscally responsible.

We will still be publishing our excellent features and articles, our reviews and author reflections. And you can still access everything via our website at www.SomaticPsychotherapyToday.com, we just will no longer send out our twice a year links for our publications.

And we have heard from many of you that you do not do Facebook.

Serge Prengel has generously offered to share our links and our articles with his LinkedIn group, Somatic Mindfulness in Psychotherapy at http://linkedin.somaticperspectives.com and via the Relational Implicit group at http://linkedin.relationalimplicit.com and via his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/relationalmindfulness/

He will also share our information in his newsletters.

We are grateful for Serge’s support and his willingness to share our publications beyond our website and our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/SomaticPsychotherapyToday/