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SPT Winter 2018 is now digital


We’ve just posted our Winter 2018 issue on issuu.com so our readers can access our articles digitally. And you can pay for a print copy as well.

Our Winter issue deals with  addiction. Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping, food, social media, digital games, movies, whatever the ‘substance’ the effect is the same—numb out, dissociate, flee from the perception of pain (be it physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual). The number of people who are considered addicts has reached pandemic proportions—no one place, no one race, no one culture is free of this infectious disease. But, is it a disease or is it a reflection of our inability to self and/or mutually regulate our affective state? Are these behaviors, labeled as addiction or addictive, are these monikers—addict, addicted— accurate? Or, do labels simply shadow deeper manifestations motivating people to reach for something to quell their emotional fluctuations, to smooth the ups and downs in their bodily being?

These questions and more are considered in our Winter issue. Our contributors share their thoughts on addiction, on behavioral patterns that become ‘stuck’, automated, reactionary in the face of overwhelm and affective arousal. Possible physiological causes are considered—think trauma and all that comes with that terminology—and potential interventions are pondered.

We invite you to read our articles and to respond to our authors. We write from our place of experience and curiosity, and we write to engage others in a conversation. Each author offers an email address at the end of the article, and we have a general email option: Nancy@SomaticPsychotherapyToday.com where you can share your thoughts and we’ll pass them on to the authors and to our readers.

And if you find something of value in our Winter issue and you want to read more, please consider a donation via our website to keep us going strong into the new year.
We’re grateful for your readership and look forward to providing quality articles and reviews, personal and poignant author reflections, and more on our website: www.SomaticPsychotherapyToday.com