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Breakthrough Moments in Arts-Based Psychotherapy


By Aileen Webber

Published by Karnac, December 2016

During the psychotherapeutic process, clients may experience breakthrough moments – profound moments in which their world and how they view themselves is changed forever. But, what exactly occurs during these life-altering moments?

In Breakthrough Moments in Arts-Based Psychotherapy, Aileen Webber shares her personal journey to discover what might be happening during these pivotal moments then demonstrates their importance for clients’ change processes.

Filled with examples from her own practice, the book dips into the worlds of chaos and complexity theory, neuroscience, quantum physics, and theories of change, in order to show how the use of arts-media in psychotherapy – visual images and drawing, drama and music, sand-tray and enactment – can encourage the arrival of these dramatic breakthrough moments. Webber’s aim is to shine a spotlight for the first time on a deeply profound aspect of arts-based psychotherapy in an accessible and engaging way.

Aileen Webber is a Gestalt and Integrative Arts Psychotherapist who works with children and adults as a therapist and supervisor. She has a private arts-based psychotherapy practice in Cambridge. Her work has been inspired by four years of Gestalt Psychotherapy training with Helen McLean in Cambridge and four years training at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London. Prior to working as a psychotherapist she worked as a teacher of children with physical, emotional and learning difficulties and as an adviser and consultant to others working with children.

Synopsis retrieved from Karnac