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Beginner’s Mind


by Serge Prengel 

Russell Delman’s dedication to the study of awareness and human potential began in 1969, when he was a college undergraduate. The main influences on his teaching are over 40 years of Zen meditation, his close relationship and training with Moshe Feldenkrais (he has helped to train over 2500 Feldenkrais teachers worldwide), a deep study of somatic psychology including Focusing, and his rich family life. Over the last seven years, his friendship with Gene Gendlin has illuminated his understanding of life and had a strong influence on his teaching. See his website.

In this conversation, we explore the concept of “Beginner’s Mind” in a down-to-earth way. This conversation is available as a video, as well as audio only, and as a printable PDF transcript.

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This conversation is part of an ongoing series offered by Serge Prengel on his website What Sustains Us: Exploring Mindfulness, Meaning & Purpose