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Body Sense: Stories of Supervision


Genovino Ferri has let us know that his newest publication, Body Sense: Stories of Supervision, has come out as an e-book online and is available on various platforms.

According to Amazon.com and kobo.com:

Body Sense “proposes a new code for reading the body that allows us to discover the intelligent sense of difficulty and to understand why we are the person that we are. It is presented within narratives of life stories from group supervision sessions.

The body has sense because of the marks incised left from life’s experiences. It has sense in the highest and deepest meaning of the word because of its multi-sensorial intelligence that reads between the lines of communications and relationships, with the tastes and flavours, with visual and physical contact, with the tone of voice and the field atmospheres. Intelligence is the logos which the body announces to us and presents to us in its complex beauty.

The body has sense, and it knows how to be an indicator for the I-Subject to which it narrates the wisdom of life.

The body has sense because it knows of the future and the past, of joy, pain and fear, it knows of potency and tenderness, it knows of learning and restitution.
Psychotherapy needs to learn and life’s great manual is written on the body by its intelligent history, it offers superlative indications for the psychotherapist.”


Many thanks to the International Body Psychotherapy Journal for posting Genovino’s keynote address, published in the IBPJ Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2016. You can read his paper here entitled, Supervision in Reichian Analysis: Keynote presented at the 14th European and 10th International Congress of Body Psychotherapy, Lisbon, September 11, 2014. Just click on the title to link to the PDF.


Genovino Ferri, Psychiatrist and Reichian Analyst trained by Federico Navarro, is the
Director of the Italian School of Reichian Analysis (S.I.A.R.), Rome, Italy. The school is
accredited by the EABP FORUM of Body Psychotherapy Organizations. He is a member
of the New York Academy of Sciences and the International Scientific Committee for Body
Psychotherapy. An International Trainer of Reichian Analysis, he holds Training Courses
for Supervisors in Europe and South America. During his professional career he worked
as Director of the Psychiatric Unit of Atri Hospital, Italy and as Director of the Public
Departmental Psychotherapy Service. He is the President of the Italian Association of Body

Genovino Ferri is the founder of ‘Studio Analysis’ a social-centred psychotherapeutic clinic.
He published Psicopatologia e Carater: a psicanalise no corpo e o corpo na psicanalise; Escuta
Editora, Sao Paulo do Brasil, 2011, published in Italy as L’Analasi Reichiana La psicoanalisi
nel corpo ed il corpo in psicoanalisi; Alpes Editore, Rome, 2012 and in Greece in June,
2015; Eumaros Editor. He is the Editorial Director of the CorporalMente series published
by AlpesEditore.

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]: