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Our Annual Book Review Issue is Here


Maintaining our traditional summer focus, we are pleased to share reviews of books “hot off the press”, author reflections on their writing experience, and articles from our regular contributors. As a courtesy to our subscribers, we will email a special link to access the complete PDF. And, because we don’t want to leave anyone out, we’re also posting each review, reflection and article individually over the next several weeks.

Our summer issue includes Dr. Elya Steinberg who writes in-depth about the need to reconsider how we write about our work in her article, How Can We Evaluate the Subjective and Objective Aspects of Effectiveness in Therapeutic Alliance: Fundamental Limitations to Current Scientific Writing About Therapeutic Processes. She looks at what becomes lost in the clinical experience when we stick solely to an academic format. Her stance is beautifully demonstrated within the writings shared by Dr. Bonnie Zindel in her edited anthology, Writing on the Moon: Stories and Poems from the Creative Unconscious by Psychoanalysts and Others. The insider’s view of mental illness is also the theme of Lee Gutkind’s edited anthology, Show Me All Your Scars. Kamalamani talks about current day events, those causing scars in humanity’s being as well as on the face of Mother Earth in her column, Dreaming Bodies, Dreaming the Earth

Please note that we offer our reviews from a personal perspective, how these books read for us, to us, what we walked away thinking, feeling. We’d love to hear what you think after reading the reviews, after reading the books themselves.


We also offer a call for stories for our Fall issue. Deadline is September 5, 2017. Our theme will remain eclectic for now; with the current worldwide chaos, it feels too constrictive to narrow our lives and our work to one single thought. Please let us know if you want to contribute an article, a review, a poem, a personal narrative. We are always open to reading what you have to write and talking about it.
We’re grateful for your readership and look forward to providing quality articles and reviews, personal and poignant author reflections and more.