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Our Spring issue is here


Our contributors represent a diverse global background of academic and clinical training yet all approached our current theme, Embodied Spirituality, from a place of surrender, acceptance, and wonder.

Mette Mouritsen, MD, writes from Denmark about her personal experiences with embodied spirituality and the wider impact on humanity while Albert Pesso shares his philosophical perspectives on spirit and body and God. Ronan Kisch, PhD shares case studies working with local priests and Rick Miller describes his work with embodied spirituality embedded in the body. Serge Prengel LMHC offers his experiences working with other psychotherapists to create a book about spirituality and ways we touch it and it touches us. And there is an in-depth review of Georg Feuerstein’s The Psychology of Yoga: Integrating Eastern and Western Approaches for Understanding the Mind along with an article about bridging yoga and psychology by Dawn Bhat MA, MS, NCC, RYT-500, LMHC.

We offer our regular columns from the USABP, the EABP, the IBPJ, and Resources with Jacqueline Carleton, PhD. Columnists/therapists Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar PhD (one of the incoming editors for the International Body Psychotherapy Journal published by the EABP and the USABP), and Kamalamani offer their perspectives on spirit and psychology and body and soul while Nancy Eichhorn, PhD writes about her experiences interviewing Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD and reading to review his latest book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation and Karen Kissel Wegela, PhD who wrote Contemplative Psychotherapy Essentials: Enriching Your Practice with Buddhist Psychology. Eichhorn explores her personal experiences trying some of the shamanic practices in Greer’s book and integrating Wegela’s meditation and contemplative approach during client sessions.

The articles in this issue promise to enlighten our readers and engage their curiosity about spirit and its role in our lives in and in our work. We invite you to read our Spring issue, volume 5, number 2, 2015 in PDF format here and in digital format at issuu.com