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SPT Magazine’s Fall Issue is Now Online


Fall often signifies a time of transition as well as a time of return. Summer’s blazing colors transition to softer crimsons, scarlets, golds. Temperatures soften leaving a slight chill in the air and holidays wrap up as we return to school and work.

In our Fall issue, we’re pleased to announce the return of Galit Serebrenick-Hai as she writes about addition, memory, trauma and somatic psychotherapy, Amber Gray, who shares her integration of Continuum Movement, somatic psychotherapy and trauma work, Ronan M. Kisch who writes about what he calls the Six Pulse Points of Well-Being, and Shlomit Eliashar, now joined by Yael Shahar, who write about psycho-peristalsis in the shared body.

SPT Magazine honors our newest contributor, Dr. Elya Steinberg, as she shares a two-part series exploring transformative moments in the Biodynamic psychotherapy room. And we offer a special memoir written by the late Dr. Eleanor Hamilton about her experiences with Wilhelm Reich. We offer many thanks to Alice L. Ladas (author of The G-Spot) for granting SPT Magazine the rights to publish this remarkable piece.

And we mark an in-house transition as well. SPT Magazine started six years ago as a vision, a dream, a desire. We hoped to fill a void—the middle ground between peer reviewed Journals and association newsletters—and we hoped to engage readers worldwide. We believe we achieved our goal of offering cutting-edge, fact checked, enlightening and entertaining articles that can potentially advance clinical practice and client care around the world. What we didn’t anticipate, however, was a profusion of free online resources in our field of focus and study and a lack of sponsorship and funding.

So SPT Magazine will begin a transformation from that of a “magazine” to . . . well, we’re exploring options. We will publish our Winter issue focusing on prenatal and perinatal psychology and health with our guest editor Dr. Marti Glenn. From there, however, we’re in the midst of brainstorming. We input is welcome, wanted, sincerely encouraged as SPT Magazine moves forward to an as yet unknown future.

Nancy Eichhorn, PhD
Founding Editor-in-Chief, Somatic Psychotherapy Today
[email protected]