SPT Magazine’s December Happenings

SPT Magazine had a busy December.

SPT’s Special Summer Book Review issue

Our Special Summer Book review issue went live this morning. We offer our special PDF and digital versions to our SPT Community members as a thank you for your continued support and to members of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy for their continued validation of our global publication.

Our Spring issue is here

Contributors in our Spring issue represent a diverse global background of academic and clinical training yet all approached our current theme, Embodied Spirituality, from a place of surrender, acceptance, and wonder. The articles in this issue promise to enlighten our readers and engage their curiosity about spirit and its role in our lives in and in our work. We invite you to read our Spring issue, volume 5, number 2, 2015.

Back Issues of SPT

          Listed below are the current available online editions of the SPT magazine. (Please note that you will need Adobe PDF reader to open the magazines,...