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Register now for APPPAH’s 20th International Congress


We are pleased to share information regarding APPPAH’s 20th International Congress in the beautiful city of San Diego, California, November 30-December 3, 2017.

Along with a line-up of impressive Key Note Speakers and Breakout Speakers, they have now announced their selection of Pre and Post Congress Workshops. These will be taking place on Thursday, November 30 before the Congress and on Sunday, December 3, following the Congress.

You can register for your Pre-Congress Workshop and Post-Congress Workshop by clicking on the each of the links listed below. The Birth Psychology Congress website also has more detailed information on all of the presentations, who the presenters are and what you can expect to learn during the workshop. The full day (8 hour CE credits) Pre-Congress Workshop is $100, and the half day (4 hour CE credits) Post-Congress Workshop is $50.
If you have any questions you can contact APPPAH by emailing: [email protected]

Pre-Congress Workshops

Pre-Congress Workshop 1: Presentation Part A: Kelduyn Garland, “Factors in Neonatal Bonding Attachment” Presentation Part B: Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson

Pre-Congress Workshop 2: “Pre & Perinatal Psychology 101”, Kate White, Susan Highsmith, William Emerson, Raylene Phillips

Pre-Congress Workshop 3: Dennis Hartenstein, “Immediate Postpartum Trauma Intervention”

Pre-Congress Workshop 4: Phyllis Klauss, “Hypnosis & Psychotherapy to Alleviate Pregnancy Complications”

Post-Congress Workshops

Post-Congress Workshop 1: Rumyana Kudeva,  “Disenfranchised Grief and Loss of the Dreamed-of Birth”

Post-Congress Workshop 2: Loi Mevin, and Deb Puterbaugh, Walk your Talk, Conscious Self-Care for Birth Keepers”

Post-Congress Workshop 3: Ece Elçin Akturan Civelek, “Embodiment of Fetal Movement in Womb and Labour”

Post-Congress Workshop 4: Francis Rene Van de Carr, Kristin Van de Carr, Barbara Decker & Joseph Jacques,”Prenatal Interventions Programs for the Prevention of Stress & Poverty Induced Neural Deficit”

Post-Congress Workshop 5: Eileen Sendry & Alexandra Johnson, “Body Mind Connection and the Movement towards Wholeness”

Post-Congress Workshop 6: Carol McLellan and Karyn Quraishy, “CranioSacral Applications to Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth rewriting cellular outcomes”

Breakout Speakers

You can also sign up for the Breakout Speakers when you register on our website, or if you have already registered, you can email us with your choices -please send us your preferred choice by emailing: [email protected]

There is no additional cost to attend these sessions, but we recommend that you book your spot to confirm your place at your chosen session.

Friday, December 1, Session A Breakout Speakers:

1. Dr Alisha H. Wilkes & Dr Joanne Halverson, “Tending the Human Garden: Cultivating Health through Relationships”
2. Holly Lammer, “Mindfulness Practice for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond”
3. Victoria Flores, “Impact of Fear on Birth Experience”
4. Gena McCarthy, “Community Ceremony, Somatic Resourcing Practice for Parents”
5. Nina Ketscher, “Nurture through Nature: Conscious Practices for PPN Development”
6. Ellen Steinberg, “Supporting the Conscious Baby with CST: A Lactation Consultant Perspective”

Friday, December 1, Session B Breakout Speakers:

1. Dr Joann O’Leary, “Carried in the Shadow of Grief”
2. Dr Alison Hazelbaker, “Infant Sucking Problems: Marker for Perinatal Trauma”
3. Dr Deepti Goyal, “Review of ancient Indian Literature related to preconception”
4. Edna Rivera, “Holistic Community Prenatal Program: Aligning the Science with Christian Tradition”
5. Kate White & Dr Marti Glenn, “Adverse Early Experiences in Birth Psychology: Trauma, Resiliency and Beyond”
6. Kelduyn Garland, “Evolutionary Journey of Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health”