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Congratulations Hiroki Yamaji


SPT Magazine offers our congratulations to Hiroki Yamaji, the 2018 winner of the Alice Ladas Research Award. His study was titled: An Efficacy Study of Somatic Psychoeducation at a Japanese University.

Hiroki addressed the question of whether an 8-week somatic psychoeducation course for college students could result in students developing somatic awareness and trust in the organism, and enhance integral functioning that included general mindfulness, stress resilience, interpersonal empathy, responsibility for self-care, and generic skills.

Results suggested that the experiential course was successful in cultivating somatic awareness and the observing component of mindfulness but not in other dependent variables (empathy, resilience, etc).

Hiroki Yamaji is a professor and the director of the Research Division of the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, Japan. He received his Bachelor of Law and his MA in Education from the University of Tokyo, and his doctorate in somatic psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Congratulations Hiroki!