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Spring issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal is now online.


The Spring issue offers articles come from body psychotherapists in the US, Belgium, Greece and Israel.

“The papers in this issue frame our psychological abilities to look within, sense within, be within, and accept what is to be. Our contributors share their research and their explorations into: body awareness; bodily lies and deceptions that impact the quality of our lives; emotional competence through embodiment to facilitate learning; and meeting death with compassion, grace, body-to- body, soul-to-soul. As well, we share a review of biological explanatory models dealing with trauma and the human body.” (Editorial Team)

The Editorial Team: Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Nancy Eichhorn, Debbie Cotton, Yael Shahar and Shamit Kadosh, has resigned as of the end of 2018. We, the Managing Editors and the EABP Board, regret their leaving, thank them and wish them well. But in the meantime this is not their last issue – another one coming up in Autumn and they request papers from you: “We have appreciated our time together, learning, writing, editing, with one another and with our contributors, all the while keeping our audience—you—in mind. To celebrate the change of our ‘editorial season’, we will offer papers written by our team as well as those from our colleagues—of course, all will have to pass peer review first. (Editorial Team)

So – colleagues – we look forward to your contributions, as always.

The Managing Editors

Jill van der Aa                   Antigone Oreopoulou