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APPPAH’s 20th International Congress


It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to the APPPAH 20th International Congress! Our Congress Chair, Co-Chair, and Committee are looking forward to hosting this special event at the beautiful Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in sunny San Diego, California. We are beyond ecstatic to have you!

New times require new leaders, capable of bringing increased creativity and awareness to their work with the knowledge and skills required to be agents of positive change. In periods of significant scientific, psychological, and social transformation, old paradigms begin to erode, and new ways of thinking, leading, and interacting spring into action. The APPPAH 20th International Congress is designed to spotlight these new discoveries and open windows into ways of thinking appropriate for an interconnected pre- and perinatal global learning environment.

Biannually, the APPPAH International Congress brings together an unmatched educational program, renowned keynote speakers, interactive workshops, community-building special events, and the richness of a wide variety of life experiences and geographic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. The splendor of a multiplicity of voices is central to the APPPAH mission. Join your colleagues and hundreds of dedicated professionals from around the world to learn about cutting edge pre- and perinatal psychological theory and knowledge, revolutionizing how leaders approach their work.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, brand new to the field, or somewhere in between, there is something for everyone at the APPPAH 20th International Congress. Drawing on the theory and practice of pre- and perinatal psychology, we invite you to bring your whole being – mind, body, and soul – to participate together in forging a new paradigm of effective leadership!

The APPPAH 20th International Congress Team
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A Few Featured Keynote Speakers
Catherine Monk, PhD, holds a joint appointment as an Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry, and Obstetrics & Gynecology. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of her research, she is affiliated with two divisions in Psychiatry: Behavioral Medicine and Developmental Neuroscience. She is Director for Research at the Women’s Program and Co-Director of the Domestic Violence Initiative. After completing her NIH post-doctoral fellowship in the Psychobiolgoical Sciences at Columbia in 2000, Dr. Monk joined the faculty and established the Perinatal Pathways Laboratory. She also maintains a clinical practice primarily focused on treating women during the perinatal period.




Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST has been married since 1987, is the mother of 2 children who were born at home, and has been featured in 11 books and 5 movies. Mary has been a home birth Midwife since 1975. She has attended over 2,500 births in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Ojai, California areas and is now attending the home births of her second generation of babies. She is a certified Castellino Process Workshop Leader and co-teaches the Castellino Pre and Perinatal Training. In the first year after incorporating these pre and perinatal approaches in her midwifery practice her home to hospital transfer rate went from 20{f4ab6da3d8e6a1663eb812c4a6ddbdbf8dd0d0aad2c33f2e7a181fd91007046e} to 6{f4ab6da3d8e6a1663eb812c4a6ddbdbf8dd0d0aad2c33f2e7a181fd91007046e}. Mary is participating in cutting edge research about imprints that occur around the time of conception, pregnancy and birth and how they affect us throughout the rest of our lives and what it takes to heal from challenges in these experiences. She is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and leads trainings throughout the world.



Raymond Castellino, D.C. (retired), R.P.P., R.P.E., RCST®, R.P.P., has been a pioneer in the field of prenatal and perinatal trauma resolution and since 1992. He is a founding board member of aTLC (Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children), as well as a faculty member of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute’s Pre and Perinatal Psychology Master’s and PhD programs and their Somatic Psychology PhD program. He has been a frequent presenter at the APPPAH (Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health), CSTA-NA (Craniosacral Therapy Association – North America) and APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association) national conferences. He has developed and teaches a two-year Foundation Training course for healthcare professionals. Since 1994, he has taught eight Foundation Trainings including six in Santa Barbara, one in England and one in Switzerland. He also facilitates small group Process Workshops for professionals and offers clinical supervision and advanced courses for graduates of his Foundation Training. All the facilitators in BEBA are graduates of his Foundation Training and have taken and assisted numerous process workshops and an additional Foundation Training. They are also all craniosacral therapists.


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The APPPAH 20th International Congress will be held at the beautiful Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in San Diego, California! A premier destination hotel, the Town and Country offers tranquil views, onsite amenities, and comfort as its number one priority.
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