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Body Psychotherapy Case Studies


In 2014, the EABP Science & Research Committee (SRC) established a set of simple ‘Guidelines’ for BP/SP Case Studies. They are now engaged in collecting possible contributions for a soon-to-be published book on “Body Psychotherapy Case Studies” (at end 2017 / early 2018)

This project is part of the SRC remit to help to try and establish a reasonably good ‘scientific’ basis for Body Psychotherapy; to increase awareness of different types of valid research – case studies being one of these;
and to increase awareness of different ways of working in the field of Body Psychotherapy / Somatic Psychology. They intend to use some of the ‘project’ money in the SRC budget for this purpose.

They are inviting YOU to help in this project and they hope that a reasonable percentage of you will respond.

In the ‘Scientific Symposium’ at the EABP Congress in Athens last year,  three BP case studies were presented. These are now being written up for this new publication. They have received some contributions and a few promises for others.  They are interested in anyone who has already ‘written up’ a BP Case Study, or who is thinking of writing up one, which might form a suitable contribution.

Please extend this invitation to any suitable colleagues, associates or students.

All contributions need to ‘follow’ the EABP SRC Guidelines (see here). These ‘guidelines’  provide a common standard. Older written-up case studies may need to be adapted slightly in order to fit the Guidelines.

All contributions are subject to some possible editing, or possible some editorial ‘advice’ from SRC members.

Possible contributions are to be submitted by July 1st 2017 to either Frank Röhricht <Frank.Rohricht@elft.nhs.uk> <f.rohricht@btinternet.com> and/or Courtenay Young <courtenay@courtenay-young.com>

In essence, they want to achieve three things:
1.  Have a representative range of case studies from different BP schools / modalities, but in a reasonably standardised format … as an example of good practice for all BP / SP practitioners
2.  Have a wider representation and recognition of BP practice to be available for dissemination into the academic world
3.  Have a stronger platform for the development of qualitative process research in BP

The products / outcomes they have in mind include:
– To produce (at least) one new book of collected BP/SP case studies, and to edit and publish this in the series of BP books from Body Psychotherapy Publications
– To work up some of the other submitted case studies – with the help of experienced academics (if necessary) with a view to supporting BP authors / colleagues / students to submit these for later publication in suitable peer-reviewed journals.

Information provided by

Courtenay Young, Frank Röhricht
Members of EABP SRC