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Embodied Spirituality


Our Spring 2015 issue will focus on Embodied Spirituality. Many questions arose in the context of our theme as well as many answers, though none claimed to be conclusive.

Serge Prengel, LMHC, SEP, and editor of Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy, has created many “book” projects to encourage therapists and practitioners to share their insights in our field. He co-edited Defining Moments for Therapists, reviewed in our Summer 2013 issue, started the Life Sherpa project, and is now overseeing What Sustains Me.

The focus of this project is described as a spiritual quest; more specifically, a quest for embodied spirituality. He is consciously avoiding the reference to ‘spirituality’ in the name of the project, calling it ‘What Sustains Me’ instead.

The project will be discussed in detail in our April 2015 issue. Two outcomes include a published book, with each chapter shared via PDF as it is completed, and interviews with contributors. Both are posted on the What Sustains Me website.

Elizabeth Lehmann recently talked about the felt experience of Elizabeth L.disconnection and darkness in this process of exploration

And Albert Pesso shared what moves him,and what has provided Albert Pesso March 2012 headshotsustenance in his personal and professional life