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Preaching to the Preacher








Serendipity?  Fate?  Karma? Divine intervention? What force has brought no less than six Christian ministers to this Jewish somatic psychotherapist? While I clearly profess to be spiritual, I am not religious. Perhaps it is my being an introvert and having a very low profile.

I admit that my spirituality deepened after I wrote a book about bodyworkers: The Miraculous Achievements of Bodywork (Kisch, 2011). It explores bodywork practitioners of different religions, as well as those who profess none, who brought their sense of spirit to their work and the unusual, unpredictable, if not miraculous outcomes of their labor. In addition to reporting about them, I was touched by them. Today, as I go into work, my office is my temple.  I have a sense of bringing not just academic knowledge, clinical techniques or physical manipulation to my clients, but a far reaching spirit of presence, acceptance, and confirmation that reaches beyond myself.

The following case studies reveal how issues of spirituality arise in treatment and how they are responded to in somatic psychotherapy. I have consent to share my clients’ stories and have changed their names and certain information to protect their identity.

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