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EABP Science and Research Symposium at the 14th European and 10th International Congress of Body Psychotherapy:The Body in Relationship: Self—Other—Society


I attended the14th European and 10th International Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, last fall. A multitude of presentations and workshops entertained and enlightened me. The second annual science and research symposium consisted of a panel presentation with members discussing their own research as well as the direction of collaborative projects and the need for research. I wrote the experience for the International Body Psychotherapy Journal and my paper was accepted.

The opening paragraph reads: The second EABP Science and Research Symposium provided a forum to discuss recent research, networking opportunities, and publishing options for body psychotherapists and researchers. The framework, formed during the Australian Congress four years ago, initiated the first symposium held at the 2012 Cambridge Congress. The Lisbon symposium stimulated the necessary conversation and collaboration to advance research in body psychotherapy and its clinical application. The 90-minute symposium comprised three segments: current research studies dealing with isolation, loneliness, and chronic depression; the EABP collaborative practice research network and writing clinical case studies; and updates in the field.

You can read the article here and the IBPJ volume 14, number 1 here