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Embodied Spirituality


I guess there might be as many colorful descriptions as there are authors attempting to define not only the term but the actual state of being, as there is no single, widely agreed definition for the concept. Related to me, I was blessed with a rather sudden consciousness breakthrough four years ago that totally transformed my inner and outer life and continues to form and transform my life in many positive ways. I am a doctor and Integral psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor and most of all I am a human being. My intention in writing this essay is to reflect on my personal understanding of embodied spirituality—of living my spirit.

For me, embodied spirituality is a personal process of transformation and in this way very subjective; even though the feeling of connectedness might be the same. Maybe this is why I can easily write the pronoun ‘we’ when discussing this topic. While I will do my best to avoid generalizations about spirituality, the topic itself raises many questions; some of which I don’t know the answer and for others I offer my opinion.

To initiate a conversation with you, the reader, about embodied spirituality, I must first ask, what is spirit and what is spirituality? And then, within these questions, I ponder: where is it located?

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