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Integration: A Call for Papers


How do you integrate scientific knowledge, training and application into your clinical work?

As health care providers, we tend to read the latest best seller, attend trainings and webinars, put principles into practice and then practice some more. We’re open to learning the next best “thing” to enhance our psychotherapy practice and our clients’ lives.

Yet, I’ve also heard that the base of all good psychotherapy is truly the relationship between the therapist and the client(s). How that connection forms, the bond that grows with time and trust and faith is paramount.

My question is, does the method matter or is it the interactive experience with a loving, attuned, present person? Or is it a combination of the two?

I have a sense that most clients experience people in their lives who are disconnected, dissociated, distant. There’s no sense of this person truly gets me, is with me, appreciates the me I am within the armor, the mask, the façade that I call “me” (built to protect the vulnerable being wounded from a life time of situations where love came last).

So, does healing come by using DBT or EFT or EMDR or ACT or REBT (or any other acronym standing in for a therapeutic process)? Is Energy Psychology, Core Energetics, Hakomi Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavorial therapy or any other psychotherapeutic approach the one proven way?

Or is it the pace: the eye-to-eye (averted when the client breaks contact), face-to-face (facial gestures), voice-to-voice (tone, pitch), bodily movement and alignment as we synchronize ourselves within and without, resonate with our client’s breath and being, feel into the pulse of our embodiment as we sit together, share space in an encapsulated moment as if stepping out of life and into being?

How do you integrate your foundational theory with hands-on methodology?

What advice do you have as practitioners approach the diversity in trainings to learn ways to craft their own?

We want to hear and share your thoughts with our readers. Deadline for submissions is ongoing, final acceptance date is June 1, 2017. Word documents (500 to 1500 word count) with no special formatting please.