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International Body Psychotherapy Journal Spring 2017 online now


The International Body Psychotherapy Journal’s Spring 2017 issue is online now. Click here to read the PDF

Papers include:

When the war is over: Dialogues between reality and fantasy, healing and psychotherapy by Shamit Kadosh, MD

About a good end by Bernard Schlage

Embodied conflict resolution: The use of body psychotherapy, Gestalt equine psychotherapy, and Aikido to resolve conflict amongst adolescents by Sorin L. Thomas

LIFE Questionnaire Development Body Responsiveness Questionnaire: Validation on a European sample, meditation between body awareness and affect, connection with mindfulness, body image, and physical activity by Benedek T. Tihanyi, Estzer Ferentzi, Jennifer Daubenmier, Raechel Drew, and Ferenc Koteles

Development and factor analysis of the Levang Inventory of Family Experience: A new way to operationalize and validate Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor by Curtis Levang, Natalie Slaughter, Timothy Johansson, and Casey Lankow

And Congress reviews for the 2016 year: USABP in Providence Rhode Island, and EABP in Athens Greece, by Nancy Eichhorn