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Join us at the 16th European Congress for Body Psychotherapy


Imagine spending time this Fall in Berlin, Germany. September 6 to 9, 2018, our colleagues worldwide will gather to explore ‘Body Psychotherapy and Challenges Today.’

They have speakers, panels, gatherings, the traditional dinner dance and more!

Gustl Marlock will talk about: The Structural Changes of The Soul in Postmodernity

According to the congress website his talk will cover:

“The theories of Psychoanalysis and Body-Psychotherapy are in their foundation deeply rooted in the cultural context of the last century. The older “culture of obedience” found its expression for example in notions of character as systems of inhibition, bearing expressive and impulse favoring methods. In the last decades western societies underwent huge changes. In postmodern cultures of consumerism Freud´s notion, that freedom should be traded for the structural security of culture is reversed. Henceforth symptomatically we see a rise of diffuse, amorphous anxieties, growing structural deficits and chronic dependency, like in narcissistic and borderline dynamics and widespread inclinations towards regression.”

Gustl Marlock studied educational science and is a certified psychological psychotherapist and child and adolescence psychotherapist. He codirects the german training program in Unitive Body-Psychotherapy. He is an advisory board member of two training academies for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and works as a lecturer, supervisor and training therapist in that field. He is also the co-editor of the “Handbook of Body-Psychotherapy”.

SPT will share information about the speakers and program and you can easily learn more and register for the Congress, just CLICK HERE