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Save the Date for the 28th International Focusing Conference




In celebration of Eugene Gendlin’s legacy, the theme of the 28th International Focusing Conference is Ser Humano–being human. According to their website:

“Eugene’s work, development and particularly his way of being is the motivation behind this conference. After diving deeper into our felt senses of what Ser Humano is, our vision for this conference is to create a space where we can explore, share and create meaning and experiences of the theme while interacting in a Focusing way. We believe that being in touch with our essence of just being human while combining it with our Focusing roots has the potential to carry all of our lives forward in unimaginable ways.”

From Serge Prengel’s post on Active Pause (Facebook):

“The theme of the 2019 International Focusing Conference is about being human, just human. This is such a great theme. Why should we wait all this time to explore it? I suggest we just declare the conference open as of right now. And we start exploring this theme internally, in conversations with others, as well is in our communications through social media and otherwise. So, by the time of the conference, we will not be simply discovering the theme, but we will come to the conference already enriched and ready to go even deeper in our explorations.

As Focusers, we know that words do not necessarily mean the same things to all people. This also applies to this theme. Part of what is exciting and stimulating is that there are there are many ways to approach it. I am inviting all of you to share what comes up for you about this theme of “being human, just human”.

He invites our readers to join his Facebook group and share what comes up when thinking about this theme, as well as what comes up in the coming weeks and months, as you explore it further.
As a starting point, Serge shares what came up for him in a 4 1/2 minute video, CLICK HERE TO ACCESS HIS VIDEO.  Please note you have to scroll down to September 19, 2018 for the post.