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This time of year vibrates with LIGHT & RENEWAL no matter what corner of the globe or religion you may follow.

It speaks directly to what is possible when we successfully lift the shroud of shame and negativity and discover for ourselves and our clients what lies in wait as we gently yet powerfully move through a larger doorway into a world of greater and greater acceptance, belonging, empowerment and worth.

Today I want to share what I think shame resolution work can offer you and your clients during the deep and transformational intention of this season. I hope you enjoy the tips, suggestions and call to being.

The 4 Pillar’s of AST Model®: A Quick Glance

1. WORTH and its restoration in a deep felt sense way can allow us to feel shiny and radiant, an expression of the precious inner gold that alchemizing our shame wound can offer us (as described in my ebook Alchemy of Shame Transformation). Link to book.
2. EMPOWERMENT often feels like renewed strength, purpose and vitality when it lands in our minds, bodies and hearts.
3. The sense of authentic BELONGING for who we are in the world and with others can provide us with an unmatched sense of deep satisfaction and wholeness.
4. ACCEPTANCE (the real kind), that breathes with compassion and self-love into our aging bodies, folds of weight gain, visible or invisible disabilities, personal insecurities, traumas, anxieties, feeling of inadequacies, numbness, addictions & emotional triggers, melts our shame freeze and brings the warmth of kindness home to ourselves and those we touch.


1. Notice what you appreciate about the world. This can include animals, other forms of nature, people, airplanes, trains, automobiles…
2. Notice how the world contributes in a positive way to you and how you contribute in a positive way to others and the world.
3. Take time to enjoy small pleasures and satisfying moments.
4. Take time each day to think 3 self-loving thoughts about yourself and pick one to act upon on your own behalf. It’s not about acting on many thoughts, rather one good thought to carry you in its self-loving arms throughout the day.

Note: Any negative thoughts or expressions you may notice are not meant to be pushed away, however, they are not invited forward into your awareness. For example, how you didn’t treat yourself well; or why the world screwed everything up for you; or how you don’t really feel you make a difference, does not become part of your renewal process. That stuff can hang out like icicles on winter branches, while you fill up with all the toasty warmth of your thoughts, feelings and actions from these unshaming tips every day.

May you find sweet authentic self-expression and peaceful satisfaction as you live this season of renewal in greater connection with your true self and the shame-free path as it unfolds at your feet.


Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia is an innovative somatic facilitator, educator and trainer. She is developer of AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®, a neurobiologically–principled, attachment based approach that specializes in chronic shame relief, building shame and inner critic resilience, healing shame-based early trauma, facilitating shame-based attachment re-patterning, and supporting life-affirming authentic self-expression and empowerment.

She is the author of the following ebooks and articles: Alchemy of Shame Transformation for Therapists and Healing Professionals (AST); The 5 Step Journey to Healing Social Phobia, The Yin/Yang of Abandonment Recovery; and Wound & Essence: A Call and Response Approach to Transformation. She is leading a shame-free living movement and training therapists, healers, and community leaders how to facilitate shame resolution and cultivate acceptance, connection, belonging, worth and well-being. Caryn works face-to-face with people around the world on Skype, and in-person in the California’s Bay Area and New York City where she sees adult clients. She offers phone case consults to therapists, healers, and coaches as well as teaches neurobiological principles through webinars online. On a wider scale, she collaborates with UN affiliated NGOs and Governments to heal collective trauma and post conflict PTSD. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and SETI adjunct faculty member, a member of the UN NGO Committee on Mental Health, USABP presenter, and speaker at the United Nations on the issue of resolving shame in women and girls around the world.
Questions or comments contact Caryn at: [email protected] or go to: www.re-embodylife.com