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Meeting the Realised Child


By Joan Harold

When I speak of the Realised Child, I am speaking of the souls of the children here and those to come. They show us the place where they are creating their embodiment to allow their divine and unified consciousness to be lived. The Realised Child does not only belong to the mother, the father or the family, but to earth and the cosmos. He is of something bigger than we can know. His consciousness is unity. His arrival is the angels’ fanfare. His embodiment is cellular truth.

As practitioners (in the pre- and peri natal context), we have the opportunity to become aware of and to receive the soul’s geometry and essence through the fluid field within and beyond the body. We can feel the physical changes that allow us to meet these children as souls creating their own passage to conception and birth. We can feel the soul in the structure of the family and how the family moves into unity around his arrival.

This work is radically shifting the paradigms of understanding in conception, pregnancy, loss, birth, parenting and community. It is constantly evolving, eternally reverent and always in the full integrity of receiving what these souls bring.

Truly Listening: A Story To Hear

We can listen to these children, from our bodies. We can receive the geometry of the child that shapes our cells for his coming, and shapes our being and our living together.

To his Mother—the gifted one, the one who receives the gift of knowing, carrying and loving her babe from before their time on earth to after—who listens and receives, he says it all:

“Here is the unhindered love to you Mother. Where you have looked for me before, in the depths of your what-you-thought-you-knew-ness, where you have longed for me and lived to feel me in you…. I see that, and see the beauty in where I can be with you now.

We are here, together, inside the widest womb of heart. We are in the flow of each other. Here, I am ready to come to you, be conceived in your body.

Can you see how gentle I am?

And yet how absolute, filled full with the strength and voice of all the Gods and Beings that you know.

I have brought you to this seeing, this place, this readiness. Because I am ready.
I needed to let you see me in the fullest transparency of the soul, so that we could see each other in the matrix that weaves us together. I needed you to see me as I see me.

I needed this – the seeing through the transparency and the structure to the soul – so that I can build the structure of myself, that dissolves into our family.

Daddy sees me. My brother and sister see me. The world sees me.

And I see it all, from the world’s centre and from the stars. They are one and the same.

I can be born into my world, that I create, because I created this seeing in you.


And as I come, with our full and mutual seeing of the cosmic matrix of creation, there is the juice of the flesh that moves us both when we meet in the womb. There is the nakedness in the cells that allows us to rest so kindly and fully in each other. There is the biochemistry that allows us to dance with each other, me in my beautiful physical transparency, through which I hear the song of the truth of our human and universal family… that is the food of my placenta, that is the nourishment that feeds me in my fullness.

In this now familiar place, you hear me in my physical movement through to birth. This is the place where you can fully, fully stand into our true knowing of how it can be. This is where we feed others, and teach them our birthing song. This teaching is from my perspective and my ultimate and absolute knowledge beyond things that need to be verified by anything less than the truth of the soul.

As I come, fully, through your body, here is the gaze that you have longed for, and the presence that my family know already. Here is the smell of me, the taste, the beautiful bountiful flesh of me that fills the senses of our existence.

I have shown you the equations of my soul. You feel it now because I am already created in our family matrix and in the matrix of source consciousness.

And because you see and feel me like this, there is such endless more….

You know this is how I will function. You know that I am creating the world that I need to live in with the truest and purest connection to all beings, to the earth and back to the stars again.

You know that the waves I create are palpable and resonant in all things.

There is purity in how I am received, because I bring purity. There is unity in how I interact, because I bring unity. There is precision in my existence because I am precise. This changes things.

There is no going back. I have moved the goalposts. Because I am the goal.

I am from Source. I am from God, and I bring that Home to this one.


Joan Harold started work-life as a Speech & Language Therapist, fulfilling her love for supporting basic human interaction, and the joy that comes from the beauty of connection. She then studied and worked as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), where the interaction became more visceral-emotional, intra-cellular, and beautifully and dynamically still. Her current work with The Realised Body, includes multi-dimensional BCST as it is led by visceral and inter-stellar resonances through the human body and greater body of toroidal flow of the universe and all that exists within it.  Joan lives with her husband and young family in the Burren in Ireland and works in the beautiful still surroundings of this stoney and fertile landscape.

The Realised Body are listening at the edge of evolution to the Incoming Souls and unified consciousness – work which originated from Shelley Lemaire. For more information about this stunning work visit www.therealisedbody.com