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Our Winter 2017 issue is coming soon.


Our Winter 2017 issue will be online one week from today. We’re pleased to share articles and reviews, author reflections and ways to make professional connections. John Chamberlain writes about GenPax and why birth matters. Kate White discusses early trauma and ways to heal its impact while she and Ray Castellino share Womb Surround as another healing process. Erik Jarlnaes offers an intimate look into his rebirthing process and Sharon King discusses the need for a new birthing paradigm. Lisa Reagan explores the documentary In Utero and the discussion guide that’s been created (we have a link to it!)


We’ve reviewed Stella Acquarone’s new anthology entitled Surviving the Early Years and we’re pleased to share her Confessions from a Clinician as she discusses her writing and editing process. Beatrice Beebe took time as well to connect with SPT Magazine to discuss her new release, The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book and Joann O’Leary and Jane Warland share their thoughts on collaborating on the book, Meeting the Needs of Parents Pregnant and Parenting after Perinatal Loss.

















Kamalamani returns with her usual insight into relational body psychotherapy, Dr. Mia Kalef shares her thoughts on a cultural transformation, Joan Harold talks about the Realized Child, and Myrna Martin writes about Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology. Ann Todhunter Brode discusses body centered pregnancy and Alex Lobba talks about the leadership and the art of relationships.

Our articles are engaging, enlightening, informative. Be sure to join us on February 15, 2017 when our Winter issue goes live. And if you’re curious about the content, follow us on Facebook for daily excerpts of what’s to come.