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SPT Magazine Volume 10, Number 2 is now live


Our Summer Issue is Here

Now you can download and read articles and book reviews available online

in PDF format (CLICK HERE)

and in digital format CLICK HERE

We’re pleased to share purposeful and useful insights, information, and clinical applications. Our contributors include: Genovino Ferri, Ronan M. Kisch, Darrell Sanchez, Sherry Genga, Yifan Zhang and Nancy Eichhorn.

There’s also a special discount for SPT readers (SPT2020) for a tuning board. Please note that SPT does not receive any kickbacks if you use special discount codes that we offer. They are simply a gift for our readers to save some money.

If you are interested in sharing your clinical experiences, book reviews, blogs, vlogs and so forth, please let our Editor-in-Chief know: [email protected]