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Take a Tool and Run – Emotional Regulation – June


Take a Tool And Run - Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is a challenge for many of us, especially when we’re in sessions working with triggers and trauma. A variety of studies all support the idea of working with physical ways to cross the body mid-line (think spine) with appendages to help regulate emotions. In yoga, a posture that incorporates this form is the eagle pose. This practice of wrapping the arms and legs and resting in a comfortable position is commonly taught in elementary schools to foster emotional management skills. Thankfully, this exercise works for all ages. Give it a try and see if you feel any results when you’re feeling triggered or activated. Teaching this to your clients can be hugely impactful.

Dr. Heather’s Corwin explores how music and dance can help remind you who you are to ground into the moment. By bridging the outside expression with inner life and memories, you can let your body and motion lead your mind into a great space when needed. Let your body help you ease your mind so you can take this tool and run!

Dr. Heather Corwin
MFA in Acting, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Concentration in Somatic Psychology
Editor-in-Chief, The Players Journal
Former Head of Movement for Actor Training, Northern Illinois University