Join us at the 16th European Congress for Body Psychotherapy

Imagine spending time this Fall in Berlin, Germany. September 6 to 9, 2018, our colleagues worldwide will gather to explore 'Body Psychotherapy and Challenges...

Call for Continuing Education (CE) Workshop Proposals

The APA Continuing Education Committee is now accepting half- and full-day workshop proposals for the APA 126th Annual Convention. Workshops are offered on a...

News from LifeSherpa

What is it in us that makes it possible for us to heal based on our faith in a positive outcome? Join LifeSherpa, a nonprofit whose mission is to explore mindfulness as engagement with everyday life, as participants share their experiences. Many of the people who participate in LifeSherpa/s explorations are body-oriented psychotherapists.

Human Baby, Human Being: Contributions from the Emerging Field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Matthew Appleton is pleased to announce an upcoming conference Bristol, UK. This keynote conference will bring together innovative pioneers who have changed our understanding of the importance of how our womb and birth experience impact us as human beings. Many of the presenters are highly respected authors, lecturers and workshop leaders in the emerging field of prenatal and perinatal psychology.
Alice Ladas

Congratulations Hiroki Yamaji

SPT Magazine offers our congratulations to Hiroki Yamaji, the 2018 winner of the Alice Ladas Research Award. His study was titled: An Efficacy Study of Somatic Psychoeducation at a Japanese University. Hiroki addressed the question of whether an 8-week somatic psychoeducation course for college students could result in students developing somatic awareness and trust in the organism, and enhance integral functioning that included general mindfulness, stress resilience, interpersonal empathy, responsibility for self-care, and generic skills.

Common Ground in Body Psychotherapy

Common ground is an interesting phrase that has been in usage for a long time. The term “common ground” means different things to different people and sometimes even different things to the same person at different moments of his/her life. What exactly do we mean by the term “common ground” was the starting point for our discussion with each participant bringing a specific contribution to this dialogue and debate.

It’s Here! Online Now!

The International Body Psychotherapy Journal announces the publication of its Lisbon Congress Supplement. Articles from keynotes speakers are offered to add insight into and generate conversation about body psychotherapy.

International Body Psychotherapy Journal Spring 2017 online now

The International Body Psychotherapy Journal announces the publication of their Spring 2017 Journal, available online now.

APPPAH Offers Free Articles

APPPAH is offering free articles on their website relating to life before birth, prenatal music and sound, the birth experience, birth and violence, prenatal parenting and primal health and womb ecology. They offer a treasure trove of pertinent essays from leaders in the prenatal and perinatal psychology and health field.

International Body Psychotherapy Journal

You are invited to read your review of the USABP's 2016 conference on Sexuality, Spirituality and the Body, as published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal