APPPAH’s 19th International Congress

"How does birth impact society? How does society impact birth? Join APPPAH for the 19th International Congress at the Berkeley Marina Double Tree Hotel in Berkeley, CA December 3-6, 2015, to explore the questions and answers.

News from LifeSherpa

What is it in us that makes it possible for us to heal based on our faith in a positive outcome? Join LifeSherpa, a nonprofit whose mission is to explore mindfulness as engagement with everyday life, as participants share their experiences. Many of the people who participate in LifeSherpa/s explorations are body-oriented psychotherapists.

The Use of Touch in Psychotherapeutic Praxis Across Traditions

Join international experts as they discuss the various principles involved in touch in psychotherapy practice. Kathy Kain and Aline LaPierre and will be our guests while USABP’s new President, Dr. Chris Walling moderates the panelists in what promises to be an in depth discussion of the various approaches and applications of touch in therapeutic praxis.

Call for Body Psychotherapy Case Studies

We are now engaged in collecting a number of possible contributions for a soon-to-be published book on “Body Psychotherapy Case Studies” (early 2018) - this is part of the SRC remit to help to try and establish a reasonably good ‘scientific’ basis for body psychotherapy; - and to increase awareness of different types of valid research - case studies being one of these; - and to increase awareness of different ways of working in the field of body psychotherapy / somatic psychology; - and we are intending to use some of the ‘project’ money in our SRC budget for this purpose.

Join us at the 16th European Congress for Body Psychotherapy

Imagine spending time this Fall in Berlin, Germany. September 6 to 9, 2018, our colleagues worldwide will gather to explore 'Body Psychotherapy and Challenges...

SPT Magazine Welcomes APPPAH

SPT Magazine welcomes the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health to our community. We look forward to their contributions as we continue to create a unified foundation to spread the word about body psychotherapy and somatic psychology around the world while also bringing it closer to home supporting our communites and our clients with healing love and energy.

Spring issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal is now online.

The spring issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal is now online. "The papers in this issue frame our psychological abilities to look within, sense within, be within, and accept what is to be. Our contributors share their research and their explorations into: body awareness; bodily lies and deceptions that impact the quality of our lives; emotional competence through embodiment to facilitate learning; and meeting death with compassion, grace, body-to- body, soul-to-soul. As well, we share a review of biological explanatory models dealing with trauma and the human body." (Editorial Team)

USABP’s “Summer with the President” starts tomorrow night

The USABP is inviting members to spend time on Wednesday night June 7th with their President, Beth Haessig. She will close the last 3 months of her term by being available for this LIVE-Q & A format through the medium of a WEBINAR. Ask a Question, Have a Conversation, Share an Experience, Feel like you're part of the USABP community, through experiential exercises or real-live dialogue. Call in to interact with a real live body-centered professional, whether it's involving a personal issue or professional - we want to keep you hooked in for the summer months through our LIVE CALL-IN WEBINARS.

Somatic Psychology Conference

The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy announced their Fall Somatic Psychology Conference at Kripalu Institute. Open to mental-health professionals, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and everyone who wants to experience the psychology of their bodies. Participants will learn about Hakomi, Embodied Couples Therapy, Rubenfeld Synergy and Focusing in this week long symposium.

The Fall 2017 issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal, volume 16, number 3,...

The Fall 2017 issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal, volume 16, number 3, is now online. This issue marks a significant transition to the IBPJ editorial team. Jill van der Aa, the managing editor since the journal’s inception, is stepping down and Antigone Orepoulou is stepping up for the Spring 2018 issue. We welcome her to the editorial team. The fall issue offers a range of papers. Readers can partake in an in-depth conversation about self-disclosure from a relational body psychotherapy stance, and explore client suffering as potentially originating from civilization then look at how getting in touch adaptively with the body resonates with helping society get in touch sustainably with the ecosystem. The pioneering work of Sabina Spielrein is explored as is the Triphasic Cumulative Microaggression Trauma Processing Model.