USABP Pioneer of Body Psychotherapy Award: An Interview with Stephen W. Porges

ome years back, when Dr. Porges was talking with the director of the National Institutes of Health, he boldly told the director that “We know too much to allow medicine to be practice the way it is.” Porges elaborated that “We know too much about the body to allow treatment to continue as is - without an appreciation of bodily states and how shifts in neurophysiological states influence the effectiveness of medical treatments. Current knowledge of the body needs to be infused into both clinical practice and how we live our lives." “I guess that statement defines me as a pioneer,” he said.

The Center for GiGong Healing

Master Mingtong Gu and the TCC team will offer their annual Winter of Wellness January 11 through February 8, 2017.

Register now for the USABP Fall Conference: The Science of Connection

The portals are ready! We can now register for the USABP Fall Conference at Pacifica Graduate Institute, at their Retreat Center. The pre-conferences on Thursday, November 1, 2018m are offered by Rae Johnson, Aline LaPierre and Lawrence Hedges. All three presenters are proven to offer excellent information and current insights in our field. The conference, entitled,The Science of Connection, is November 2-4 beginning at 8 am! 

Spring issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal is now online.

The spring issue of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal is now online. "The papers in this issue frame our psychological abilities to look within, sense within, be within, and accept what is to be. Our contributors share their research and their explorations into: body awareness; bodily lies and deceptions that impact the quality of our lives; emotional competence through embodiment to facilitate learning; and meeting death with compassion, grace, body-to- body, soul-to-soul. As well, we share a review of biological explanatory models dealing with trauma and the human body." (Editorial Team)

Save the Date

Join SPT at the USABP 2018 conference November 2-4, at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The theme this year is: The Science of Connection: Honoring Somatic Intelligence. Pre registration begins March 15, 2018. Housing is available on campus.  A great time to meet the new USABP Board of Directors and connect with colleagues from across the globe. We plan to be there with a special book auction as well! See you in November! 

APPPAH’s 19th International Congress

"How does birth impact society? How does society impact birth? Join APPPAH for the 19th International Congress at the Berkeley Marina Double Tree Hotel in Berkeley, CA December 3-6, 2015, to explore the questions and answers.

Free Webinar Tomorrow Night

The Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation is offering a F*R*E*E* webinar this Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 6 pm PDT/9pm EDT. Join Dr. Chris Walling, ARPF Chair of the Education Advisory Committee, and Kirti Khalsa, ARPF CEO, as they take your questions and share the vision behind the new course they are offering October 19-22, 2017---- the new Brain Longevity® Therapy Training, which will take place on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California.

International Body Psychotherapy Journal

You are invited to read our review of the 15th European Congress of Body Psychotherapy published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal.

Attention USABP Conference and EABP Congress Presenters

It’s conference time. Well, okay it’s still almost a year away, but it is time to generate interest in pre-conference workshops, keynote speakers, pull-out sessions, and of course the grand extravaganza (who doesn’t love dinner and dancing?). As our tradition, Somatic Psychotherapy Today will focus its Winter 2016 issue on the upcoming USABP Conference, July 21-23 in Providence, Rhode Island, and the EABP Congress, October 13-16 in Athens, Greece.

Body Psychotherapy Case Studies

In 2014, the EABP Science & Research Committee (SRC) established a set of simple ‘Guidelines' for BP/SP Case Studies. We are now engaged in collecting a number of possible contributions for a soon-to-be published book on “Body Psychotherapy Case Studies” (at end 2017 / early 2018). This is part of the SRC remit to help to try and establish a reasonably good ‘scientific’ basis for Body Psychotherapy; and to increase awareness of different types of valid research - case studies being one of these; and to increase awareness of different ways of working in the field of Body Psychotherapy / Somatic Psychology; and we are intending to use some of the ‘project’ money in our SRC budget for this purpose. We would like to invite you to help us in this project. We hope that a reasonable percentage of you will respond.